Erik Satie A Son of Light | a CD for WakaWaka


In 2013 maakte ik een CD met pianomuziek van Erik Satie, ten bate van WakaWaka.

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  • De CD kost € 16,50. Van dat bedrag stuurt de WakaWaka Foundation één WakaWaka de wereld in.
    Booklet voor alle info over de CD
    recensie in dagblad Trouw
    recensie in Piano Bulletin (EPTA)
    Beluister op deze site en enkele fragmenten of via Youtube



Dutch pianist and musicologist Eric Schoones has recorded a CD with piano music by Erik Satie and for every CD sold the WakaWaka Foundation will send one WakaWaka into the world. The WakaWaka Foundation aims at helping 1,6 billion people in the world who are off-grid, have no access to electricity and depend on dangerous, expensive and toxic kerosene lamps.


plaatje cd satie

I feel honored to help the WakaWaka Foundation a little with my CD. I also write books on sustainability and I feel music, the planet, everything is connected. The French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925) felt the same way, he lived a simple life and was very outspoken against materialism. I am certain he would be pleased to know that with his music for Le Fils des Etoiles (The Son of the Stars) he would support the stars of the 21ste Century, the WakaWaka’s.

More about Satie and the music on the CD below and also in the booklet.
You are welcome to listen to a few tracks on this website or on Youtube and here is the video made for the crowdfunding campaign with excerpts from Gymnopédie nr. 1, Le Fils des Étoiles and Danses de travers.


Erik Satie is one of the most popular classical composers, everybody knows his Gymnopédies, but he wrote many other beautiful pieces and on the CD you will find the popular pieces together with lesser known works:

Prélude de la Porte héroïque du Ciel
Le Fils de Étoiles, 3 Preludes & 7ème Gnossienne
Sonneries de la Rose + Croix: Air du grand prieur
Gymnopédies nrs. 1-3
Gnossiennes nrs. 1-7
Petite Ouverture à Danser
Pièces froides: Airs à faire fuir 2 & Danses de travers nrs. 1-3
Trois Morceaux En forme de Poire (excerpts) *

*four hands together with Myrthe van den Bogaert.

The recording was made on my own Steinway - a special instrument built in 1901, when Satie was writing the music in Paris - by Gé Bijvoet, together with Leszek Blach-Siewierski, who serviced the piano and who worked for the legendary Jorge Bolet.

On the CD-cover is a painting by Annelies Dölle, reflecting the delicacy of the music.
You can order your CD as a special eco-friendly gift

Erik Satie A Son of Light, Selected Piano Works 1888-1903
Eric Schoones & Myrthe van den Bogaert, piano

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